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Personalized follow-up

The most significant element of your successful long-term sales strategy is follow-up. It is designed to build relationships and bring customers back to you, again and again. Research indicates that as many as 75% of automobile buyers never receive a follow-up call or action after they have purchased their vehicle. People like to feel special, and follow-up shows that you care. One target-reaching follow-up call, message or email from our experts will definitely be the thing that assures your customer to choose your product over the competition. Get the training, tools and process your company needs to convert all your leads into appointments.

Professional BDC services

Alpha Lead Management is a highly-scalable BDC service with real professionals managing your leads to improve the effectiveness of your dealership. Over the past two decades we have successfully partnered with different clients ranging from corporations to small businesses to increase their marketing ROI. No more worries, no more amateurish approach to work – our professional team will deliver the best of both worlds. Alpha Lead Management team has a rich experience in automotive business guaranteeing the highest success rate for your business.

More traffic means more success

Competition is fierce. Time is money – you have to spend it wisely. Your employees have important work to do, and hiring additional staff is not cost-effective. Trying to compete in today’s fast paced business world without a BDC is virtually impossible. Our professional BDC services target on your callers so you can focus on your business. Alpha Lead Management knows exactly what the goal is: to bring more and more people in the door every day. Sound overly confident? Yeah, we're pretty confident.

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