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About Us

Smart service for smart people

BDC consulting is the engine that powers YOUR success. Automotive companies are moving tremendous amounts of advertising spending from mass media advertising to digital marketing, hoping to achieve better results. Isn’t there a smarter and simpler way? As industry leaders in automotive CRM with more than two decades of proven experience, we offer a revolutionary yet client-focused operation that encompasses a dynamic technology platform and a professional, scalable, result-oriented call center.

Alpha Lead Management should be your only choice if your dealership is thinking about developing a BDC process. Our service delivers an intelligent and data-driven solution to target and engage the right consumers through the proactive and 24/7 live support to conquer new heights by increasing sales and the number of your satisfied customers.

Convert your shoppers into buyers, build profitable yet long-lasting relations with customers, maximize your ROI, create more appointments and never miss new business opportunities with our up-to-date service specially developed for YOUR individual needs. No more worries, no more amateurish approach to work! Stop throwing your money away - industry-leading technology combines all the tools you need into a single platform, making it easier than ever to run your business. Just make the first step toward your peace of mind.

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