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About Alpha lead management

Many dealerships aren't sure which BDC structure is right for them, but Alpha Lead Management makes it easier. We deliver an intelligent and data-driven solution to convert your leads into appointments through the proactive 24/7 live support and unique tools.

You can't win if you don't play as a unit

Before your customers drive into your service, they will be provided with the 1st class assistance as they are real VIP clients.

US-based services

Our highest-quality agents will deliver the unrivaled performance across the US. While over 96% of call centers are located outside the United States, we are focused on the improvement of our US-based services. You will immediately feel the difference!

The engine that powers success

It's always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. By setting the bar high from the start, ALM always exceeds the customers' expectations and sets the industry trends high.

More than two decades of high-quality results and confidence

Offering an effective business development

Ever-increasing number of customers



Alpha Lead Management started out as a pioneer in the call measurement and monitoring industry by tracking incoming calls with just a pen in our hands. For more than two decades, Alpha Lead Management provides the highest CSI because we know how to treat your customers. Our highly professional services and experienced team will satisfy all kinds of customer’s needs, so you will get the best results on the market. Stop pouring your money down the drain - pay just for the results you can see. Give us a chance to show you the real opportunities of your business.

Personalized follow-up

Convert all your leads into appointments.

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Professional BDC services

We guarantee the highest success rate for your business.

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More traffic means more success

Focus on your business, while ALM targets on your clients.

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A BDC is more than a call center. A true BDC is tasked with creating new sales and service opportunities for the dealership. At ALM, we believe that the best and the most effective way to help your sales and service departments achieve their goals is through daily lead growth and opportunity development.

Contacted Customers

Up to 92%

Shown Appointments

Up to 34%


Working Solutions For Automotive Business

Having the right outsourcing partner capable of being flexible to your specific needs can guarantee success in your business. Alpha Lead Management has a unique working model: we customize every aspect of our work to deliver the most suitable working process to our customer based on your business model. You will have the entire BDC team at your disposal with no headache and HR fees at all. But the main thing is – you don’t pay if we don’t deliver the outcome. Stop wasting your time, just enjoy our exclusive and professional approach NOW.

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